About the project

What’s your gender? An easy question, right? Well… Not exactly.

What might seem to be a simple case, hasn’t got a straightforward a or b answer for many. #MYOWNGENDER explores what defy and – most importantly – doesn’t define gender among those who find themselves blurring the binary male or female spectrum. The project shares these stories in a travelling art installation, a book, multiple short movies, a documentary and an educational program.

The past 3 years, Sevilay Maria van Dorst, founder of the #MYOWNGENDER project, explored the extensive grey zone that exists within sexes. The #MYOWNGENDER project is the final chapter of this arch.

Models who each powerfully represent a unique shade within the spectrum of gender are captured on black glass through collodion wet-plating and share their story in a short interview. No matter what their pronoun may be. No matter old or young. No matter background or religion.

As of January 2020, #MYOWNGENDER will be exhibited at multiple locations and museums. The accompanying book is planned to be released summer 2020.

Exhibitions 2020

15-03 / 30-04
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’
@ OBA expo hall
During this preview at the OBA, #MYOWNGENDER is still ‘under construction’ and in the progress of defining itself. Sevilay Maria will be both exhibiting the still continuously evolving art installation of #MYOWNGENDER, as well as publicly developing the interactive layer and the educational program of the project.

14-01 / 09-02
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’
@ Westergas Meterhuisje
Open studio where the public discovers the #MYOWNGENDER installation ‘in the making’.