About the project

There’s one question. Asked even before we are born.

Boy or girl?

A question that upon answering, instantly provides a full set of rules and expectations on how to dress, what to like, how to express yourself, and what to aspire. But what if it didn’t?

#MYOWNGENDER by photographer Sevilay Maria explores the extensive grey zone existing between male and female, retelling the stories of those who defy society’s gender spectrum with every form they fill out and every bathroom visit. While #MYOWNGENDER started as a stand-alone, travelling art installation, Sevilay Maria felt that story to tell required more than just still images. To capture the full spectrum and all its subtleties, the project includes a book, multiple documentaries, an online platform, a podcast, and an educational programme.

The past 3 years, Sevilay Maria van Dorst, founder of the #MYOWNGENDER project, explored the extensive grey zone that exists within sexes. The #MYOWNGENDER project is the final chapter of this arch. Models who each powerfully represent a unique shade within the spectrum of gender are captured on black glass through collodion wet-plating and share their story in a short interview. No matter what their pronoun may be. No matter old or young. No matter background or religion.

As of January 2020, #MYOWNGENDER will be exhibited at multiple locations and museums. The accompanying book is planned to be released summer 2020.

Exhibitions 2020

09-12 / 06-02
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’

At the end of a turbulent year, Nieuw Dakota celebrates its tenth anniversary. We look back and ahead with a special anniversary programme and collaboration with artists and partner BeamSystems/BeamLab. A selection of videos, installations and performances offer a poetic and stilled view of a tilting world. Nieuw Dakota moves walls, makes space, shifts mountains and engages people.  Through art we are able to explore ourselves, eachother and the world.

Starring: Martha Atienza, Vincent Boschma, Henk Schut, MYOWNGENDER and Irina Birger

17-07 / 20-09
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’
@ OBA expo hall

During this preview at the OBA, #MYOWNGENDER is still ‘under construction’ and in the progress of defining itself. Sevilay Maria will be both exhibiting the still continuously evolving art installation of #MYOWNGENDER, as well as publicly developing the interactive layer and the educational program of the project.

14-01 / 09-02
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’
@ Westergas Meterhuisje
Open studio where the public discovers the #MYOWNGENDER installation ‘in the making’.