The Book

The #MYOWNGENDER book collects the stories and images that were gathered during the project in a luxurious design by Jord Noorbeek. For them to be retold beyond the limits of an exhibition.

As collodion wet plating is known for its unparalleled depth and sheen, Sevilay Maria faced a great challenge when adapting her work to print for the #MYOWNGENDER book. On her request, the printers of Rob Stolk created a new method to capture the soul of collodion photography on paper. By using three layers of silver ink and one layer of blue ink, the glimmer of a wet plate can be mirrored, while layering the ink through offset printing creates the contrasting highlights found in the portraits.

The #MYOWNGENDER book was released the 25th of September 2020. You can order a book here