The Expo

Besides a book, a podcast, an educational programme, the online platform and multiple documentaries, the main element of the #MYOWNGENDER project is a travelling art installation fusing photography with audio, video, and written word. A unity showcasing all the nuances of gender.

Models who find themselves redefine society’s traditional gender spectrum are captured on black glass through collodion wet plating and share their story in a short interview. No matter what their pronoun may be. No matter old or young. No matter background or religion. All become an element within a circular construction that encloses every passerby with their story. The viewer becomes the viewed – even if it’s just for a second.

With this construction, Sevilay Maria mirrors the strength of vulnerability which she found to be present in all of her models. The strength of rewriting society by showing their true self. In #MYOWNGENDER, fragile sheets of glass meet 2,5-meter-high walls made of imperfect steel. As Sevilay Maria omitted the use of varnish after developing her images, her portraits will eventually show signs of time passing in the form of natural oxidation – resembling the continuous conversation that is gender. From there on, layers build upon layers. The still images – portraying the models somewhat heroically – upon the movies – observing intimate fragments of life in atmospheric scenes – upon the audio that will be available to listen to after scanning the installation with a phone – a direct conversation with the portrayed.

Exhibitions 2020

17-07 / 20-09
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’
@ OBA expo hall
During this preview at the OBA, #MYOWNGENDER is still ‘under construction’ and in the progress of defining itself. Sevilay Maria will be both exhibiting the still continuously evolving art installation of #MYOWNGENDER, as well as publicly developing the interactive layer and the educational program of the project.

14-01 / 09-02
#MYOWNGENDER ‘under construction’
@ Westergas Meterhuisje
Open studio where the public discovers the #MYOWNGENDER installation ‘in the making’.