#MYOWNGENDER is a project by Sevilay Maria. As a photographer and artist, Sevilay Maria discusses modern-day themes through a photography technique from 1851. Within this duality, she looks further than the obvious, observing social issues rather than emerging with the subject. Sevilay challenges herself to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture a unique self.

As a photographer she embodies a similar paradox as her work, merging the artistic creative with a boldly disciplined chemist. The storms of her past granted Sevilay an inexhaustible drive and an affection for the challenging way out. And so, while she’s an experienced digital photographer as well, it was the complexity of collodion wet-plating that has drawn her towards choosing this specific photography technique that relies on meticulous execution of the chemical process involved.

Besides addressing social issues in her personal projects she’s currently leading a research on finding a bio-based alternative for the hazardous materials used for collodion wet-plating.

Given the multidiciplinary nature of #MYOWNGENDER, Sevilay has partnered with a great team of artists and experts to complete the project.


Producer & Art direction Carina de Becker

Installation design Edd Vossen

Film Joey de Leeuw & Wouter Verberkt & Erik Verhulst

Crowdfunding film Nina Alberda Jelgersma

Photography film Franggy Yanez

Book design Jord Noorbeek

Text Marlies Bax

Gender Expert Dorien van Linge

Graphic design & Web architect Martijn Pool

Logistics Dave Diependaal

Light Stefan Prokop

Video Screens Jozef Hey

Website Vischvijver

‘Behind the scenes’ photography Arjen Pennekamp

Wetplate Digital Master Nico Kroon

Make Up Artists; Charlotte van Beusekom, Tynke Jeeninga, Julie Justine Jourdain

Photography assistents Annemiek van het Hof, Marleen Troost, Jenny Knuchel Bert Blommestein